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Utolsó módosítás: 2021. január 06.

Dear Reader!

Welcome to the homepage of Esterhazy Karoly University Jászberény Campus!
The imposing building of the former Teacher Training College of Jászberény has been the site of teacher training with more than a hundred year-old tradition at the same time carefully observing the current social requirements, expectations and labour market demands.
The Campus provides high quality BA level practice oriented trainings in the specialised fields of Infant and Early Childhood Education, Pre-School Teacher Training, Teacher Training, Special Needs Education Training, Community oragisantion , MA level training in Social Pedagogy. The Faculty also provides high level practice oriented training in higher education vocational training in the field of software engineering. Our trainings are especially offered for those who like to deal with people: starting with the development of the youngest ones, organising daily activities for the pre-school age, educating primary school children, going beyond school leaving age, organising activities for adults seeking assistance, advice and organisation. We organise a number of trainings providing various qualifications. The teachers of the region are welcome to return to the Alma Mater to attend post graduate courses in our special fields of training. Our institution with its highly qualified and recognized lecturers, dedicated staff, modern and practice oriented trainings displays a long-lasting value in the labour market.

Jászberény, the capital of Jazygia is neither big nor small, as it can provide the opportunities offered by big cities as well as the characteristics of a rural community. In addition to the scientific, artistic, and cultural possibilities it provides ample opportunities to have fun, relaxation, or a stroll along the river Zagyva. Ones who are interested in sports can choose from numerous programs in a Sports hall, or in an indoor ice rink.

If this welcoming message awoke your interest, follow the news on our web site, or contact us in person, by telephone or in an e-mail.

Dr. Bernadett Varró
director general for education and research, college professor

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