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IATEFL-H International Conference

Utolsó módosítás: 2017. október 18.

IATEFL-Hungary – the International Association of English Teachers of English as a Foreign Language organised its international conference titled The Power of Now – Teaching and Learning in the Present on 6-8 October, 2017. Among the speakers were dr. Renáta Bernhardt Kisné and dr. Laura Furcsa, who presented the results of their new research.

Applying metaphor analysis they investigated the attitudes of the English specialisation and other students specialising in lower primary school teaching to the concept of foreign language learning. Dr. Annamária Sinka and Beáta Madarász focused on the educational uses of digital storytelling among children with ADD and ADHD. They emphasised that digital storytelling can encourage learners to express their ideas. Dr. Rita Szaszkó highlighted how English speaking films can be integrated into English lessons. She paid a special attention to how learners' English language skills and intercultural competences can be developed in parallel via watching films in English with various related exercises.

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