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Utolsó módosítás: 2017. május 02.

Four members of the Department of Information and Communication, Jászberény Campus participated as speakers in the 10th Training and Practice International Conference on Educational Sciences organized at the University of Sopron, Benedek Elek Faculty of Pedagogy.

Dr. Ágnes Kereszthidi Sebestyénné made a presentation on college students' opinions about German as a foreign language lessons in Grades 1-4 at lower primary school while Dr. Margit Paksi Nagyné focused on the idea of the "Euroteacher", a compatible teacher training programme in Europe. Furthermore, Ildikó Stefán shared good practices on how to use the children's book "Spot" in English as a foreign language classes with young learners. Dr. Rita Szaszkó presented the main findings of her small scale study on student teachers' motivational patterns for the Erasmus+ study and internship mobility programmes.
Among the plenary guest speakers, a former lecturer of Jászberény Campus, Prof. Dr. Tünde Szécsi (Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, Florida) highlighted the latest trends in early childhood education programs in the USA.

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