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Utolsó módosítás: 2017. október 18.

An English language roundtable was held at Jászberény Campus on 5 October, 2017. Our alumni students working as EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers were invited for this roundtable discussion organised by the Department of Information and Communication as a part of the progamme series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of teacher training in Jászberény.

The roundtable was opened by dr. Rita Szaszkó college associate professor, which was followed by the English language music performances of the students at Szent István Sports Primary School and Secondary Grammar School.
First, the invited alumni speakers presented their professional success stories and then they discussed some hot issues of teaching EFL. Enikő Varga spoke about her work in the Helen Doron programme, while Kata Jezsik and Szandra Perge as well as Veronika Vida and Hajnalka Tamás about primary school bilingual education. Also Klára Tóth, who has an MA in teaching English, talked about ESP (English for Special Purposes) in secondary school classes. Subsequently the invited guests as well as Maria Deme college associate professor, dr. Laura Furcsa college associate professor and dr. Annamária Sinka senior lecturer had a discussion about the actual challenges of EFL, the use of digital technology in EFL, parents' expectations, some of the most efficient methods and their advice based on their own professional experience.
The roundtable talk was carried out in a very pleasant atmosphere and the alumni students were so glad to visit their alma mater. Therefore, we wish to introduce the tradition of annual alumni roundtable talks about EFL.

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