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Utolsó módosítás: 2019. október 14.

The participants of Researchers’ Night 2019 at Jászberény Campus were welcome with various programmes related to different fields of scientific knowledge.

First, the participating English language learners had the opportunity to test themselves at B2 mock oral language exams with examiners Ildikó Stefán senior lecturer and Rita Szaszkó PhD.

Mock language exam with a group of EFL learners of Rózsa Imre Secondary School and Dormitory of Újszász


Next, Laura Furcsa PhD and Rita Szaszkó PhD college associate professors offered an interactive English intercultural workshop for the participating teenagers. They explored various aspect of intercultural competence involving the underlying roles of first impressions, categorization in different social contexts.

English intercultural workshop with a group of Terplán Zénó Franciscan Secondary Grammar School Specialized Grammar School and Technical School


Subsequent to the English language programmes, János Szűcs PhD senior lecturer invited the participants for a special Geometry lesson with Lénárt Shperes. The session was beneficial for university lecturers as well as primary school children.

János Szűcs PhD: Geometry you don't encounter with at school

Krisztina Szalay assistant lecturer's presentation was on a particularly relevant and sensitive issue for the youth as it highlighted what kind of mitigation strategies for drug abuse liability can be effectively applied during drug prevention processes. The presentation was illuminating for teenagers, adults, parents as well as for teachers.

Krisztina Szalay: Applying mitigation strategies in drug prevention


The closing session of the programme series was held by Nóra Harkai PhD senior lecturer, who discussed various possibilities of improving life quality via following the guidelines of the Flow-theory in our every-day lives. Also her presentation explored various aspects and components of happiness.

Nóra Harkai PhD: Applying the Flow-theory in real life, possibilities of improving life quality

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